Healing Unresolved Trauma and Ungrieved Grief

This website’s aim is two fold. One is to provide training and education regarding historical trauma. (For further information see the power point slides used for giving presentations.) The second is to offer a therapeutic model designed to structure a healing dialogue for individuals or groups to work through unresolved wounds from hurtful relationships (also see about this site  for mission statement and services offered).

An Approach to Healing Relational Trauma

This website introduces a trauma treatment designed specifically to treat historical trauma, but also to treat trauma sustained in primary but abusive relationships. Historical trauma is about a people having an ongoing history of being treated abusively and unjustly, in which the unresolved multi-generational trauma still effects lives today. This approach (called the reconciliation process group model, or simply “rpg”) is designed to treat this type of trauma. The overall approach is done in three phases and specifically includes social narratives that shapes people’s lives.

A Structured Model of Healing

The reconciliation process group (rpg) model (click forhow rpg works“) provides the structure for healing relational wounds. Rpg is designed to protect the healing process from breaking down under the load of ungrieved grief  and unresolved trauma that hinders healing.


Leaving relationship wounds unhealed undermines well-being, and hinders a simple, peaceful life. A structured therapeutic process is needed to bring about transformational healing and, when possible, reconciliation.

(for more about reconciliation see “rpg reconciliation”)