phase 1 outline of educational goals

GOALS: “Fundamentals of Change

To attend a reconciliation process group (rpg) designed to meet the following goals:

1. To identify with and bond with a group
2. To learn and practice essential interpersonal communication skills that facilitate a successful process group
3. To experience the potential for healing found in a functioning process group

CONTENT SUMMARY FOR PHASE-1: education for each axis

A. Introduction

1. Overview of the rpg model
2. Social concerns seen through a generational trauma lens
3. Learn the differences between forgiveness and reconciliation
4. Define realistic goals for Phase-1

B. Education for Axis-one: Telling and Hearing the Narrative

1. The role of denial
2. Assertive communication skills
3. Active listening
4. De-escalation tools
5. Speaker/Listener communication technique

C. Education for Axis-two: Change and Growth

1. Understanding how authenticity and congruence develop
2. Understanding the false self
3. A model of grief and grieving
4. Emotional intelligence and Empathy

D. Education for Axis-three: Peace and Attachment

1. Forgiveness as an ongoing process
2. Family systems
3. Boundaries
4. Healthy relationships
5. Spirituality

E. Closure: Terminating Phase-1

1. Review learning and experiences
2. Set goals for Phase-2
3. Proceed to Phase-2