phase 3 outline

Phase-3Relational Health and Healing

The goal of rpg (reconciliation process group) is to heal the wounds of generational trauma and to replace unhealthy relationships with healthy relationships. Healing wounds, healing trauma, restoring right relationships can be summed up in a word–reconciliation. This program is aimed at facilitating a restorative process. The desired outcome is that harmful relationships will be set right in the context of sustainable attachment relationships.

Practical implementations of reconciliation

Phase-three has a goal of sustaining personal growth and  maintaining a stable and lasting reconciliation. It’s about a broad healing that touches many lives, and the ongoing development of justice in the life of individual participants and in their spheres of influence.

It is a perspective of this model of reconciliation that the world changes one person at a time. The legacy we leave individually expands across generational lines. Just as unbroken chains of dysfunction negatively impacts succeeding generations, so too does healing, reconciliation, and justice expand and impact the following generations. Our personal investment in finding healing and becoming healthier people is a living legacy that grows beyond our single lifetimes. Knowing this–that we may never become as healthy as we would like to in this lifetime–it’s comforting to know that the healing we begin now will continue long after we’re gone.

Phase-three focuses on finding nurturing ongoing support, engaging in activities that foster wellbeing and peace in the world around us no matter how simple it may be. Spending time with a loved one, giving them your full attention; giving of your time and resources to help someone or to help a worthy cause; being your best self; taking care of yourself so you can be a part of the lives of those you care about; volunteering your time; the list is limited only by your own creativity.

Phase-three meetings are about setting goals and making plans with the help of those who have accompanied you on this journey of healing.