about this site

Mission: Healing Wounded Relationships


This website is written to address the emotional and relational healing needs we have in our families, churches, and communities. The approach is three-pronged:

1. Group counseling for men (relational reconciliation) focused on personal healing by finding reconciliation for broken relationships and learning to build healthy relationships.

2. Presentations and trainings addressing healing social and individual wounds from generational traumas (including historical trauma, dyfunctional community syndrome, generational violence in the home and in society at large, multi-generational addictions and dysfuntional homes, relationships that are in ruins for untreated mental health and addiction issues).

3. Reconciliation and social justice community action training groups for churches (pro bono) to assist community-minded churches in their role as a “change agent” in the community

1. COUNSELING SERVICES FOR MEN (trauma, grief and loss, addiction, and relationships)

EchoHawk Counseling (EHC) is a private practice counseling service offering Christian counseling to men. Services are group-oriented (see www.ehcounseling.com for other details)


Workshop trainings and presentations are listed under the “services and resources” tab. Click this link to see the core power-point used for Healing Generational and Historical Trauma (“Historical Trauma, “Healing the 4th Generation“)

3. RECONCILIATION AND SOCIAL JUSTICE GROUPS: Helping the Church be a “change agent” in the community

Additionally, EHC offers a pro bono training group for churches seeking to minister to their racially divided and hurting communities. This is a group that would be held on site in a local church composed of people interested in the pursuit of healthier, more just society.

 Communication Facilitation Goals

        • Promote social, community, and personal healing
        • Motivate faith-based social action
        • Create transformational justice awareness in the church community
        • Recruit the church as a social change agent

Desired Outcomes

        • Effective community ministry
        • Strengthened personal and community relationships
        • Individual and community wellbeing


Lance Echo-Hawk, MA, LMHC, LPC, NCAC-II