about me

Lance Echo-Hawk, MA, LPC, LMHC, NCAC-II

I am a licensed counselor with a background in dual diagnosis treatment. I graduated from

Lance Echo-Hawk

Lance Echo-Hawk

Denver Seminary in 1996 with a masters in community mental health. I have worked in the chemical addictions field providing services to people living with mental health disorders and substance misuse issues.

I have training in the use of EMDR as one means of treating the underlying trauma that remains unresolved, and the ungrieved grief that commonly drives addiction and mental health issues. I have provided clinical supervision for chemical dependence clinicians and trainees. I am currently interested in providing trainings to help clinicians to better understand historical trauma and to provide culturally informed services to Native people.

I am greatly concerned about the general lack of awareness found in many clinical settings among the professionals serving the public and the Native people that may be on their caseloads. Indeed, the general public lacks an awareness of the ongoing impact of historical trauma and related issues facing Native people today. I believe people want to know. It is my hope that through trainings and presentations given to people who are concerned and desire a better understanding of social issues in the US, and who desire to strive toward a “more just society” in America, that progress will be made in the current age of peacebuilding that we live in today.