resolving polar tensions: activating the healing principles

In the rpg model there are 6 sets of “tensions” (at the north and south pole of each axis) to resolve. The reason for these tensions is because within each principle is an inner conflict that prevents the principle from activating. These conflicts must be resolved in a positive manner. Until then, trauma remains unresolved while grief remains stuck and ungrieved:

  1. Truth remains unspoken when denial overrules truth-telling.
  2. Listening is blocked when isolation shuts down dialogue.
  3. Change stops when the need to grieve is blocked because grief is stuck.
  4. Integration doesn’t happen when dysfunction impairs self-restructuring.
  5. Dignity is undermined when forgiveness is overcome by unforgiveness.
  6. Unity can’t thrive in conflict; it needs peace and attachments.

As each principle gets successfully implemented another part of the healing process falls into place creating readiness to move to the next healing principle in the system. …read more about resolving polar tensions…